Confidence definitions

Introduction There are several confidence definitions. Every author has a different way to explain what they think confidence is. You can adopt any of the definitions you understand better. In this article, I will give you as many confident definitions as I can. What is confidence?  According to Merriam Webster, confidence is a feeling or […]

Confidence opposite

What is the opposite of confidence? According to Word Hippo, confidence opposite is a feeling of exuding self-assurance, insecurity, unconfident or shyness. You may refer to it in a statement as “a lack of confidence”. Alternatively, there are words that can be used for the opposite of confidence being: Meekness Timorousness Cowardice Hesitation Timidity Weakness […]

Confidence affirmations

Introduction When life throws you a curve ball, you give yourself a little pep talk. This type of pep talk is a positive affirmation of confidence. Confidence affirmations are beneficial for the healthy growth of your confidence and self-esteem. So how do we define confidence affirmations? What are confidence affirmations? Confidence affirmations are positive statements […]

How to build confidence

Introduction Everyone wants confidence! However, there are very few people who are open to explaining how to build confidence. People are often engraved in their sense of self and their confidence which they deem lead to their success. You should know that confidence is built on different things. But, it is mostly built on one’s […]