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The Customer Value Proposition: Everything you need to know

The value proposition describes the advantages that a company’s products and services will provide to its customers. The Customer Value Proposition can be abbreviated to CVP. It is a marketing word for a statement of a company’s overall value to a consumer in exchange for money. The Customer Value Proposition is utilized to persuade clients […]

How to become a better person in 2022

How to become a better person in 2022! This is a statement probably running in many people’s minds especially at the beginning of the year. But we should acknowledge no one is perfect in this life but we all strive to do our best. We have all done so many things we ended up regretting. […]

The law of success: Wisdom from 1920 that never goes out of style

Napoleon Hill is regarded as the father of the self-help book genre. Many of his concepts continue to fill the pages of today’s best motivational and secrets-of-success books, even though his heyday was in the early twentieth century. People are still people, even though the times have changed. Looking into human nature and determining which […]

Start finishing! The ultimate guide to implementing your idea into a completed project

How many ideas have piqued your interest but never made it to fruition? Don’t worry if your response is “too many.” You are not alone. Many people have a lot of ideas but never follow them through. They are waiting for the appropriate day or time when everything feels good which includes their attitude, energy […]

How to become a great digital communicator

In today’s society where so many of our daily encounters take place behind a screen, it can appear as though we have lost our ability to communicate successfully with one another. Email replies that are late, unclear texts and awkward video chats…the list goes on. It’s true: without traditional body language to transmit – or […]

Goals: Everything you need to know

Did you know that you can live the life you want by setting goals and achieving them? Well, of course, the practical process is not as easy as it sounds on paper. BUT! You can do this once you put your mind to something you will definitely be able to set goals and achieve them. […]

Introduction of ZW$50 banknotes in Zimbabwe

Well, we do not know if this could be the road to 2008 during the bearers cheque times or what but the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has released a statement indicating the introduction of new ZW$50 notes. These new notes have been issued today on the 6th of July 2021 through Statutory Instrument 196 of […]

Good on Paper: Are we really trusting our instincts as girls or not?

Being a girl is tough let alone with the new changes in lifestyles and having to strike a balance between relationships, a career, and family it really never gets easy. This Netflix movie, Good on Paper is a very good example of a typical lifestyle of a girl growing up and prioritizing her career instead […]

Math Puns: What are they?

Math Puns are a part of mathematical jokes. They are a form of humor that relies mainly on the aspects of mathematical concepts. A pun, a double meaning of a mathematical phrase, or a layperson’s misunderstanding of a mathematical subject can all provide amusement. Examples of Math Puns The following are some examples of math […]

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