Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Valentine’s day is upon us and it is important to get your partner something he really wants that speaks to his interests. Many are of the notion that the ideal valentine’s day gifts are chocolates and socks but this is not entirely true. Getting custom personalised gifts for him will be amazing and very thoughtful! If he is into travelling then book a trip for both of you. When you know he is into sports then make sure you grab a blanket tonight and watch a match together on TV if you cannot go to an actual game. If he loves his food make sure you prepare his favourite dish and he enjoys it. When he is a tech guru get him something you know he will love and cherish. Above all get him something as sweet and heartfelt as your love to him which you know he will love.


We have compiled a list of ideal gift ideas for him this valentine for you, make sure you select one gift for him:


Valentine's Card

Send a romantic message using a card. This might seem a bit old fashioned since we are now in a digitalised world but it still is relevant and cards are very thoughtful. Even though we know with guys the card might be lost before the next Valentine’s day, just remember it is the thought that counts. You can also get the cards on Amazon and they can be shipped to wherever you are!


A set of drying towels

Drying towel set

A set of drying towel might seem a bit off but they are important. Get him a set of the best drying towels which don’t feel like traditional cotton towels. Even if he already has some just remember that everyone needs more towels and you can never get enough of these!


Perfume for hIm

Guaranteed you can never go wrong by getting a set of perfumes for him. These you can even get together with a card. You definitely want your man to go around smelling good with irresistible scent from the classic perfumes you will have got for him.

Photo mugs

Photo mug

If he loves his coffee or tea, get him his very own customised mug. The photo can be from his favourite pictures or just fun photos of your favourite holiday with friends. This has to be professionally printed, with a gloss finish to make it a customised mug.



If he is an avid reader, get him more books that are in his interest. A book is always a choice gift which can score a big hit with him. Inside the cover just add a line or two, telling him how you feel about him. He still has your words of love, as long as the book stays in his shelves. You can get him a book from our collection.

A photo upload framed

Photo frame

Tell him you love him with this sincere print photo upload! You can pick any colour for the frame and with or without a brace. Only add a maximum of 5 pictures of your choosing, two names and a date along with the ‘ I Love You ‘ words. It’s a lovely gift for something special for your person!

Home-Baked Goodies

Home-Baked Goodies

It is obvious that food is a guaranteed way to a man’s heart! In the Reddit thread regarding men’s expectations for Valentine’s Day, baked goods were the single top response. This started with one man saying he would be brought to tears by a gift from a home-baked apple pie.

Useful tools

Useful man tools

In another highly ranked Reddit comment, a poster said its No. 1 criteria for a great gift was “Is it useful?” Another poster agreed in the same thread, saying the best gift is ‘ something he can really use on a daily basis. ‘ It seems to many people that practicality places above emotion. Get your man something that can be useful to him especially one he would use at home. You can personalise it to make it super special.

Something handmade or personalised


One Cosmopolitan reader said his perfect Valentine’s Day present would be “something handmade.” He didn’t even care what it was or how it would be used. Just the fact that someone he loved puts time and thought into making it special. If you have the skill try making something for your man e.g. a hand-knitted scarf, a wooden picture frame, a barbecue apron, a photo of the two of you etc.

Tickets to an upcoming concert or event


Many men at both Cosmo and Reddit said they would love to get tickets to some sort of event. Some of their specific ideas included a performance by a favourite band or a new band that you thought he would like, a game featuring his favourite sports team, a wine tasting, a cooking show or a comedy class. Have fun and spice things up by going out with him tonight!

His favourite headphones


If you can’t afford concert tickets to the favourite band of your man, why not bring him the music instead? Get him some headphones and make a playlist for him. For an extra romance, create a playlist of songs which have a special meaning for you as a couple. You can include tunes such as your favourite song, his favourite song, the first song to which you danced, or the song which was always on the radio during the month that you met.

Netflix & Chill

Netflix and Chill

90 per cent of guys said what they wanted most for Valentine’s Day was sex in a 2019 survey reported by the Sun-Sentinel. So if the man in your life is like most men, it’s you who is best to send him for Valentine’s Day. Since you are the one who knows your man the most, you are the best person to decide how you will make Valentine’s Day encounter extra special for him.

Just know that he already loves you so it is left for you to get him something and tell him you love him too. After all, Valentine’s day is all about showing him that you love him too and that he means a lot to you!


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