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For all individuals interested in setting up organisations, taking financial risks in the hope of a profit. Shelfers provides latest posts to give advise and current statistics of popular entrepreneurs.

The law of success: Wisdom from 1920 that never goes out of style

Napoleon Hill is regarded as the father of the self-help book genre. Many of his concepts continue to fill the pages of today’s best motivational and secrets-of-success books, even though his heyday was in the early twentieth century. People are still people, even though the times have changed. Looking into human nature and determining which […]

Start finishing! The ultimate guide to implementing your idea into a completed project

How many ideas have piqued your interest but never made it to fruition? Don’t worry if your response is “too many.” You are not alone. Many people have a lot of ideas but never follow them through. They are waiting for the appropriate day or time when everything feels good which includes their attitude, energy […]

Britain’s first black billionaire – Strive Masiyiwa

Strive Masiyiwa has been officially named as the first black billionaire for the United Kingdom (UK) by The Sunday Times Rich List. He is a London-based Zimbabwean billionaire businessman and philanthropist and popularly known as the founder and executive chairman of the international technology group Econet Global. He is a very prominent person and he […]

What You Have To Do To Make Your Posts Rank On Google

Are you a passionate blogger who has invested a lot of time and money, creating lots of content for your blog? Do you want your blog posts to rank on top on Google? Are you a business owner or blog owner looking forward to making money through your blog? Are you struggling to get enough […]

Are Extroverts More Successful Than Introverts In The Workplace?

Many times people question how someone’s personality can be calculated or defined. One way to figure it out is to decide where a person falls on the spectrum of introverts and extroverts. How do introverts and extroverts differ? An introvert can be characterised as someone who is reserved and who prefers to be in relaxed […]

Reasons why start-ups fail and advice for Entrepreneurs on how to avoid them

Research shows 99 percent of all start-ups are struggling. Have you ever wondered why this is so and given these numbers, many businessmen are still trying to build their own start-ups, hoping they will become the next billionaire? Some people think it’s just about a great idea to come up with and then put in […]

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