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AI or Artificial Intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines. Shelfers provides latest posts on latest trends and models in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning etc.

Diversity and culture intelligence: Things you need to know

The world and the workplaces are becoming more open and diverse therefore individuals need to have skills to understand, respect and work with different people despite their culture, race, language, religious beliefs etc. This will improve interactions within the company and will likely make the company’s products and services more inclusive and successful. Cultural intelligence […]

Why are communication skills important in the future of work

Communication is the act of conveying meaning by the use of mutually recognised signs, symbols, and semiotic rules from one person or group to another. This is a simple definition of communication according to Wikipedia. Majority of the employees today think that writing or designing or coding or whatever job title they have is the […]

Automation and the Future of Work: Things about Coronavirus you need to know

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new strain that has not been detected in humans before and it has caused great chaos with more than half a million people affected and above 30,000 deaths recorded so far. It has been a terrible public health threat, however, there is a hidden upside. Currently, millions are being […]

Why decision making is important in the future of work

Decision making, a cognitive process resulting in the selection of a belief or a course of action among several alternative possibilities. Why is decision making important? It is important to achieve the organisational goals/objectives within given time and budget. Decision making is all about making choices by identifying a decision, gathering information and assessing alternative […]

Why leadership skills are important in the future of work

Leadership is the ability of an individual or an organisation to guide other individuals or teams or the whole organisation. It is both a research area and a practical skill which people should have. With the world becoming more transparent, more connected and more diverse, new leadership will definitely be needed for the future of […]

Why Technological Skills Are Important In The Future Of Work

It is evident that technology is advancing and this also shows where the future of work will be. To remain competitive in any industry, technological skills are a must-have to fit and thrive. According to McKinsey, the coming years and decades technology is sure to develop and encompass ever more human work activities (McKinsey & […]

How To Speak Machine: Why You Should Prepare For The Digital Future

Do you want to become tech-literate and be able to navigate the digital future intelligently? We live in a world where our phones are unlocked a hundred times throughout the day just to refresh our emails or send texts or check social media. But do we really understand how the programs we use work? The […]

A way to thrive in an unpredictable world with creative thinking

Most of the professional jobs in today’s world involve creative thinking that simply means that every job requires the job holder to come up with something new. Creative thinking is a mandatory and required ability for the workers to match and succeed in the future of work.  However, when sharing this skill with one’s employers […]

Are students prepared for the future of work?

The future of work is one of the 21st century’s hottest subjects and it examines how technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence and automation shape the way people work, where they work and the skills they need to do the job. According to James Manyika at McKinsey, there are three problems hidden in it when […]

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