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Leadership is both a research area and a practical skill encompassing the ability of an individual or organization to “lead” or guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations. Shelfers offers you free advice on how to acquire and implement your leadership skills.

The law of success: Wisdom from 1920 that never goes out of style

Napoleon Hill is regarded as the father of the self-help book genre. Many of his concepts continue to fill the pages of today’s best motivational and secrets-of-success books, even though his heyday was in the early twentieth century. People are still people, even though the times have changed. Looking into human nature and determining which […]

How to become a great digital communicator

In today’s society where so many of our daily encounters take place behind a screen, it can appear as though we have lost our ability to communicate successfully with one another. Email replies that are late, unclear texts and awkward video chats…the list goes on. It’s true: without traditional body language to transmit – or […]

Embracing change and flexibility: Things you need to know

Working versatility has become more popular and appropriate, with technological advancements making it much easier to function remotely and remain connected to your team. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of people to work from home which has allowed businesses to rethink how work is organised and bring their policies into the 21st century. Workplaces […]

Why are communication skills important in the future of work

Communication is the act of conveying meaning by the use of mutually recognised signs, symbols, and semiotic rules from one person or group to another. This is a simple definition of communication according to Wikipedia. Majority of the employees today think that writing or designing or coding or whatever job title they have is the […]

How to awaken compassion at work and what makes a better workplace

Do you feel overworked and disillusioned? Are you depressed and sick of the rat race? Are your co-workers looking at the clock as the end of the day approaches? Do you hear endless chatter about leaving for new greener pastures?  We are all aware and know what a poor company workplace feels, looks and sounds […]

Why emotional intelligence is important in the future of work

Robotics Tomorrow predicts that there is a very high chance of Artificial Intelligence outperforming humans in most mental tasks. Some other experts also believe that Artificial Intelligence will take the place of humans in the workplace. Why? This is simply because machines are more efficient, less distracted, obey instructions and always stay focused on the […]

Why leadership skills are important in the future of work

Leadership is the ability of an individual or an organisation to guide other individuals or teams or the whole organisation. It is both a research area and a practical skill which people should have. With the world becoming more transparent, more connected and more diverse, new leadership will definitely be needed for the future of […]

How to plan a long and successful career

How would you pace yourself, if you run a marathon? Well, as long as you’re hoping to cross the finish line before you collapse from fatigue, you’d start at a moderate speed and save some energy on the home stretch to give your all. A marathon is a long and challenging challenge which in the […]

The philosophy of being a great leader

Today, too many people feel disenfranchised at work. It extends not only to entry-level positions but also up to the upper management. Psychology has helped us to figure out some of the reasons why we feel this way, but sadly many of the approaches that have been proposed do not bring results. Where psychology has […]

How To Hide Some Page Numbers In A Word Document

Guess what? You can create Word documents in Microsoft Word with different levels of complexities. Let us say you want to skip a certain page number or you want to add some tables with images inside etc. All this is possible but for some of these functionalities, you need to use formulas for these things […]

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