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An individual’s metaphorical “journey” through learning, work and other aspects of life is very important. Shelfers offers free ways to define one’s career in a variety of ways.

How to plan a long and successful career

How would you pace yourself, if you run a marathon? Well, as long as you’re hoping to cross the finish line before you collapse from fatigue, you’d start at a moderate speed and save some energy on the home stretch to give your all. A marathon is a long and challenging challenge which in the […]

10 ways you can be innovative on a new job

So, you have just started a new job and you really want to impress your new bosses. You are probably wondering if you can be innovative. When people think and talk about highly successful innovators such as Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Strive Masiiwa or Marissa Mayer they tend to conclude that these guys have got […]

The introverts complete career guidelines and why you should use them

Does the idea of conversing with strangers make you never want to leave your home? Maybe the thought of interrupting a colleague makes you so queasy you won’t be able to speak up during meetings. Or maybe you’re so modest that you don’t mention all the amazing things you’ve accomplished at work when you’ve your […]

What Motivates Employees To Their Greatest Performance

Salary is necessary for the most basic sense – if people were not paid for the work they do, the majority of the people would not be doing their jobs. It is also necessary to get a fair salary for the particular work needed. Some interesting reasons why fair wages are important are: • It […]

The Polymath – The key to making big contributions in society

We live in a culture that requires specialization from us. We’re encouraged at university to focus on a single field of study. We’re motivated to follow a single career path after university. Our parents, teachers and colleagues are hammering the message – to excel, to specialize and not to generalize.  Is this the only way […]

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