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Shelfers has a medium for recording information in the form of book summaries or infographics, typically composed of many pages bound together online and available 24/7. There are free book reviews and summaries for you with quick links to get these books on Amazon.

Reinventing the product: Bringing your organisation into the digitally connected age

Some companies still have a way of doing things as they did in the 20th century. They want to market the same kind of goods that people purchased 50 years ago, and they work just as they did two generations ago. Unfortunately, the traditional product-making days are no longer for them. Having manufactured and sold […]

Here are the 7 habits of highly effective people

Do you wish to achieve more at work and be more effective in life? However, whatever you want to achieve you need to change yourself first. This is achievable only by developing better habits. This is because who we are is defined by our habits. Things like our routines define our characters and they pull […]

Reasons why the world still needs feminism

Women’s suffrage, increased pay equity, the right to abortion through Roe v. Wade: Feminism has claimed several gains for women’s equality over the last hundred years. But we still need feminism. In the modern era, there have been some great advances – but as we shall see, we do not live in a society where […]

How to communicate with clarity and confidence

A CNBC survey in 2012 found that almost 70 per cent of workers believe the meetings they attend are a waste of time. Forbes estimated in 2016 that 65 per cent of staff are looking for better input from their supervisors and feel like they don’t get the details they need to do their jobs. […]

How to plan a long and successful career

How would you pace yourself, if you run a marathon? Well, as long as you’re hoping to cross the finish line before you collapse from fatigue, you’d start at a moderate speed and save some energy on the home stretch to give your all. A marathon is a long and challenging challenge which in the […]

How to get your mornings manageable and comfy

Many of us start reaching for the snooze button every morning, hoping to delay the day to come for just a few more minutes. Slightly a.m. Given the high-stress environment, we all have to manage, anxiety is understandable. As Jordan Gross illustrates, however, kicking off the day with the proper morning routine will make all […]

The biological mind of what makes you “you”

Where does your personality live? The answer is easy for most of us: In our minds. Western thought and common sense have for centuries placed mind and body in two distinct worlds. Yet this approach is simplistic. The latest research in psychology shows the fact is much more complex. The division between brain and body […]

The business chemistry for crafting powerful work relationships

We all have our favourite collaborators, and generally, we also have our non-favourite collaborators. But if someone asks us to articulate why we enjoy working with some men and hate being partnered with others, our rationale may be difficult to explain. Sometimes, as in our romantic relationships, it seems that it is simply a matter […]

The 5 love languages of communicating with your partner

English, Mandarin, Swahili, Quechua: the world is full of languages, and if a person speaks to us in a language we don’t know, most of us don’t understand one word. Trying to communicate without a shared language is indeed a fertile ground for confusion, dispute and resentment. Luckily though, most of us speak the same […]

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