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Handwashing Pioneer Dr Ignaz Semmelweis Is Being Honoured By Google Reminding You To Wash Your Hands

Google always does it and today, 20 March 2020, they have added an animated doodle that demonstrates the proper way to wash your hands and prevent the spread of germs. They are honouring Ignaz Semmelweis who was the hand washing pioneer. In this midst of this pandemic, COVID-19 this has come in hand to most […]

Why African countries should be ready for Coronavirus

The new Covid-19, popularly known as Coronavirus is very dangerous and has been spreading super fast. With more than 102,000 people known and recorded to have been affected to date, over 3,400 deaths have been recorded. It is deadly and can affect anyone as it recently killed two elderly people in the UK who had […]

How to harness period problems into period power

“Probably on her period alone!” How often have you heard this statement, or overheard this? It is all too common for men, even in relatively progressive societies, to ignore women’s thoughts, views, or rage simply on the basis of their willingness to bleed each month. The idea behind this is to make you somehow volatile, […]

Wheat belly: How the benign ingredient has become dangerous

How many times do you grab a sandwich for lunch or feast on pasta for dinner? Well, after learning what Dr William Davis has come to discover you will definitely think twice when thinking of your next meal. A lot of low-fat diets promotes whole-grain ingredients which include wheat which is the world’s most popular […]

Super human: How to die free of cancer

Since the beginning of civilization, humans have been trying to find an elixir of longevity, from ancient alchemists to the biohackers today. Many people expect that they will live to be eighty and that they will eventually die from cancer, Alzheimer’s or other degenerative condition. However, with new advances in anti-ageing science, it may be […]

The heart, the source of life responsible for emotions of rational thinking

One of our most important organs, the heart has long been a source of life, love, and emotions. The heart was, in fact, seen as so vital that the ancient Greeks retained a cardio centric view of the body; they considered the heart not only responsible for emotions, but for the very nature of rational […]

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