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Good on Paper: Are we really trusting our instincts as girls or not?

Being a girl is tough let alone with the new changes in lifestyles and having to strike a balance between relationships, a career, and family it really never gets easy. This Netflix movie, Good on Paper is a very good example of a typical lifestyle of a girl growing up and prioritizing her career instead […]

Reasons why you should watch Coming 2 America

If you have never been to Africa, watching Coming 2 America before doing so may not be such a good idea because as it might give you the wrong picture of Africa. However, Coming 2 America comes with a good twist and an exciting story starring Eddy Murphy which is great! An overview of the […]

Money Heist (La Casa De Papel) season 5 release date confirmed for 2021

It is exciting that the most viewed non-English title Netflix series (with the fourth season having 65 million views) is being released in the second half of 2021. There had been so many speculations on the release date to be in April since the previous season had been released in April 2020. However, sources are […]

Why you must watch the movie “Contagion” during this Coronavirus Pandemic

As “Contagion” came out in 2011, it seemed like scary fantasy to have the notion that a virus could cripple the world. Today, this has become a reality with the Coronavirus pandemic. This is why you must watch this movie as it is similar to Coronavirus pandemic that spreads all over the world, indiscriminately killing […]

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