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Are you an independent and uninhibited person? Shelfers offers lists on things to do before you die i.e. bucket list ideas, best diary apps to use, fitness – ways to always stay in shape. It also gives advice on how you can be a better person.

The law of success: Wisdom from 1920 that never goes out of style

Napoleon Hill is regarded as the father of the self-help book genre. Many of his concepts continue to fill the pages of today’s best motivational and secrets-of-success books, even though his heyday was in the early twentieth century. People are still people, even though the times have changed. Looking into human nature and determining which […]

Start finishing! The ultimate guide to implementing your idea into a completed project

How many ideas have piqued your interest but never made it to fruition? Don’t worry if your response is “too many.” You are not alone. Many people have a lot of ideas but never follow them through. They are waiting for the appropriate day or time when everything feels good which includes their attitude, energy […]

How to become a great digital communicator

In today’s society where so many of our daily encounters take place behind a screen, it can appear as though we have lost our ability to communicate successfully with one another. Email replies that are late, unclear texts and awkward video chats…the list goes on. It’s true: without traditional body language to transmit – or […]

Goals: Everything you need to know

Did you know that you can live the life you want by setting goals and achieving them? Well, of course, the practical process is not as easy as it sounds on paper. BUT! You can do this once you put your mind to something you will definitely be able to set goals and achieve them. […]

Math Puns: What are they?

Math Puns are a part of mathematical jokes. They are a form of humor that relies mainly on the aspects of mathematical concepts. A pun, a double meaning of a mathematical phrase, or a layperson’s misunderstanding of a mathematical subject can all provide amusement. Examples of Math Puns The following are some examples of math […]

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Valentine’s day is upon us and it is important to get your partner something he really wants that speaks to his interests. Many are of the notion that the ideal valentine’s day gifts are chocolates and socks but this is not entirely true. Getting custom personalised gifts for him will be amazing and very thoughtful! […]

Metahuman: How to discover your infinite potential

To commute to work, to cook dinner, to pay taxes: is this the amount of human existence? Many of us want more, but the everyday challenges still hamper our attempts to get it done. We also doubt often whether there’s “something more” at all. What if you could step beyond your present reality to encounter […]

Things to do to boost your self-confidence

Want to become unstoppable, irresistible and fearless in all areas of your life? Brian Tracy, the master of self-enrichment in learning and teaching, advises us that if you continually think of thoughts of bravery and confidence and self-affirmation, you will slowly become bolder, braver and more self-assertive. It means, in other words, that everyone becomes […]

Incorporating stillness into your workday is key to being happier

When was the last time you just stopped? Put down your devices, ignored your notifications and just spent a moment being still? Being present, thoughtful and reflective? In today’s busy, noisy, distracting and non-stop world, it is hard to be still. But history’s greatest thinkers and leaders have recognized that stillness is a secret weapon. […]

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