Good on Paper: Are we really trusting our instincts as girls or not?

Good on Paper

Being a girl is tough let alone with the new changes in lifestyles and having to strike a balance between relationships, a career, and family it really never gets easy. This Netflix movie, Good on Paper is a very good example of a typical lifestyle of a girl growing up and prioritizing her career instead of boys.


After years of putting her career ahead of love, stand-up comic Andrea Singer stumbles upon the perfect guy. On paper, Dennis checks all the boxes, but Andrea’s friend, Margot, is convinced he’s not all he appears to be.

An overview of the movie “Good on Paper”

Good on Paper is an interesting movie about Andrea Singer (Iliza Shlesinger) who is a stand-up comic who has focused mainly on her career progression neglecting love among other things. However, after one interesting audition which she knew she had not gotten the spot she then met Dennis Kelley(Ryan Hansen) who was the perfect guy who went to the perfect school. He claimed to be rich and own a house in Beverly Hills.

Good on Paper Netflix movie
Good on Paper Movie Cover

It was actually a funny story, considering the way Dennis then asked to be Andrea’s boyfriend and she ended up saying yes to it. But then Margot (Margaret Cho), Andrea’s friend could see how Dennis was too good to be true since he had the perfect answers to everything he was asked.

This helped Margot investigate and find out more about Dennis until she confronted Andrea telling her that this guy was not who he claimed to be. The golf course stunt pulled by Dennis was also a shocker but a clear indication that he was lying about playing golf. This then gave Andrea the thought that Dennis could be lying and her friend Margot could be true.

Andrea, Margot and Maggie starring at the Billboard with the do not date Dennis Kelley message
Andrea, Margot, and Maggie starring at the Billboard with the do not date Dennis Kelley message

Even though things took twists and turns, Andrea ended up dumping the guy and finally getting a billboard on the spot she wants which was one of her goals. It is a great movie to watch with so many lessons to learn for both the girls and boys.

Lessons learnt from the “Good on Paper” Netflix movie

Good on Paper cast
Good on Paper Cast

I always watch movies or series for a reason to get to learn others’ experiences since I do not really enjoy reading books. This movie, Good on Paper, was a good one and it brings us back to trusting our instincts and listening to that small voice we hear inside of our heads. Many times people tend to ignore this and just go with the flow but this is definitely dangerous as witnessed in the movie.

I am sure even Andrea did not think that Dennis would take his lying too far and go to court to get a restraining order from her. Despite the fact that Andrea was already fade up with the idea of Dennis and would have never ever wanted to see him again, he still did it. This sucks, life sucks, but we need to take control of our lives in as much as we can to avoid falling into such traps.

Sometimes men are so much into their ego which affects them big time. This is not good because at the end of the day having a big ego does not help at all. So we need to be honest with each other and not waste each others’ time because life is too short to be messing around.

As girls, let us get back to trusting our instincts or guts, finding out more about the guys before we get too deep into the relationships, and learning not to just trust everyone too fast because at the end of the day we have more to lose compared to the guys.

While it is good to have both the career, love, and other stuff we want, we should aim to strike a balance to have it all because sometimes focusing too much on a certain area might affect the other areas not getting enough attention. In the end, this leads us to make bad decisions as we get super excited when the other area suddenly starts to get some traction than it was doing before.

Wrapping it up…

Ladies, focusing on building a strong career is awesome but we still need to try and strike a balance so that we do not get pressured into making insane decisions. Let us get back to the roots of our childhood and trust our instincts because they definitely never let us down.


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