Behind Her Eyes

Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes review

Honestly, if you haven’t watched this psychological thriller then you should definitely give it a shot. Behind Her Eyes is a twisted show but also worth a while. It is interesting and even though it is not a horror, it has psychic stuff just like Bates Motel. If you haven’t watched Bates Motel, check out the Bates Motel Review here.


Overview of Behind Her Eyes

Behind Her Eyes - Adele & her son
Adele & her son

So, Behind Her Eyes starts with a single mother who lives with her son and she is just focusing on their lives. However, she falls for her boss who is a new psychiatrist in their town. She then enters into a world of twisted games when she begins the affair. The worst part of it is that she had also befriended her wife’s boss.

Behind Her Eyes is a British limited series that has not yet been confirmed to be renewed for another season as yet. It only has six episodes so you can definitely watch it in a day and find out how it goes with you. The series is based on a novel by Sarah’s Pinborough published in 2017.


Behind Her Eyes is mostly about the ending but I have to warn you about the adultery that is in the show it’s a bit up on the top. I really don’t want to spoil the fun for you so you need to just grab your popcorn and juice and watch this show because after all, it is just six episodes.

Thrillers always come with a twist and that is why we love them. Do not forget to leave your comments down below if you have any. We will definitely be sharing an update should there be another season coming.


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