What is a digital footprint and how to maintain a clean one

Digital footprint, also known as a digital shadow, is a data trail that can be tracked while using the internet. This includes the activities, actions, contributions, sent emails, online submitted information, and digital services communications. This information exists as a result of the behaviour of the users and is for that particular user. The effect […]

Reasons why start-ups fail and advice for Entrepreneurs on how to avoid them

Research shows 99 percent of all start-ups are struggling. Have you ever wondered why this is so and given these numbers, many businessmen are still trying to build their own start-ups, hoping they will become the next billionaire? Some people think it’s just about a great idea to come up with and then put in […]

Things to do to boost your self-confidence

Want to become unstoppable, irresistible and fearless in all areas of your life? Brian Tracy, the master of self-enrichment in learning and teaching, advises us that if you continually think of thoughts of bravery and confidence and self-affirmation, you will slowly become bolder, braver and more self-assertive. It means, in other words, that everyone becomes […]

Kobe Bryant: Remembering his life and career

Kobe Bryant was a Los Angeles Lakers icon and five-time NBA champion known for his remarkable scoring ability. Also known as the Black Mamba, a nickname he gave himself. Born on the 23rd of August 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On Sunday, January 26 2020, Kobe and Gianna were headed to Mamba Sports Academy for a […]

The Polymath – The key to making big contributions in society

We live in a culture that requires specialization from us. We’re encouraged at university to focus on a single field of study. We’re motivated to follow a single career path after university. Our parents, teachers and colleagues are hammering the message – to excel, to specialize and not to generalize.  Is this the only way […]

Incorporating stillness into your workday is key to being happier

When was the last time you just stopped? Put down your devices, ignored your notifications and just spent a moment being still? Being present, thoughtful and reflective? In today’s busy, noisy, distracting and non-stop world, it is hard to be still. But history’s greatest thinkers and leaders have recognized that stillness is a secret weapon. […]

How to make money work for you as a millennial!

The millennials are facing a unique set of economic and financial challenges which makes it very difficult for the majority of them to get on top of their financial situations. Most of their financial situations pose lots of problems and avoiding these problems will not make the situations any better. The sooner millennials learn and […]

Smart Pricing Strategies for Business Success

Pricing strategies are crucial as they can either make or break your business. It is one of the important functions that any business engages in since prices are a foundational element of a company’s revenue. Some might wonder what pricing strategies in business are. Pricing strategies refers to methods that companies use to price their […]

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