Reasons why you should watch Coming 2 America

Coming 2 America

If you have never been to Africa, watching Coming 2 America before doing so may not be such a good idea because as it might give you the wrong picture of Africa. However, Coming 2 America comes with a good twist and an exciting story starring Eddy Murphy which is great!


An overview of the show

The first Coming to America aired in 1988 with African Prince Akeem going on an adventure in America to break their Zamunda tradition on marriages. It was his 21st birthday and he went to look for a partner that challenged his intellectual ability in Queens in Los Angeles.

Africa Prince Akeem then disguised himself as a poor guy and he started to work as a janitor for Mr McDowells who was then a competitor of McDonald’s. Mr McDowells was Lisa McDowells father who was the girl African Prince Akeem wanted. His plan to get the girl almost failed but eventually it succeeded as he managed to win the girl and got married to her in Zamunda.


The second Coming 2 America aired in 2021 which was 33 years later and some of the actors acted in this sequel. Some of them include:

  • Eddy Murphy as Akeem
  • Arsenio Hall as Semmi
  • James Earl as King Jaffe Joffer (father of Akeem)
  • Shari Headley as Lisa McDowell (Akeem’s wife)
  • John Amos as Cleo McDowells (Lisa’s father)
  • Louie Anderson as Maurice the guy from McDowells

In this sequel, things took a turn and African Prince Akeem had only daughters but according to the tradition of Zamunda aa male could only be the heir of the throne. Semmi then assisted King Akeem to to get his bastard son from Los Angeles to be the heir of the throne of Zamunda.

The reasons why you should watch Coming 2 America

There were several twists and turns but the show is amazing. Some of the reasons why you should watch the show include:

Eddy Murphy

Eddy Murphy then and now
Eddy Murphy then and now

We all know Eddy Murphy from early days when he acted in movies such as The Nutty Professor etc. If you are a movie fanatic you would definitely enjoy watching a movie with Eddy Murphy as he is an icon. The truth is we all love the guy and this is one of those movies you will definitely enjoy if you follow or like African American movies like Are we there yet?, Barbershop, Bad Boys, etc.

The plot twists leave you wanting more

Coming 2 America plot twist
Coming 2 America plot twist

The plot twists are just amazing and as you watch the movies you definitely won’t regret doing so. Despite having Coming to America aired in 1988, it is still viewable and you would definitely enjoy it. Watching this movie first would be awesome as you will be able to reference which parts of the film as they get flashed back whilst watching Coming 2 America. Overall, the show was on point with the twists not being a little too much or too little but they were just okay.

The awesome songs and dances

Davido African beats star
Davido African beats star

The music and dances are great! From the 1988 Coming to America to the latest Coming 2 America with a bit of urban pop music. This will definitely get you on your feet dancing if you let the music flow as you watch the show. There is no doubt about it that the music is great and you should definitely check it out for yourself. Coming 2 America brings in the African part when they bring in Davido a Nigerian musician and an African beats star.

The cast of the show

Coming 2 America cast
Coming 2 America cast

There are a variety of popular actors on the show including Wesley Snipes who is popularly known for the Blade movies. Most of the cast is still there from the first 1988 movie and this makes the show easier to follow through and enjoy. It is so much easier to follow through with the same cast rather than having to relate with new faces.

It is just fun filled with celebrities

Eddy Murphy and Wesley Snipes
Eddy Murphy and Wesley Snipes

The show in overall is great and some of the cast played more than one role such as Eddy Murphy and Arsenio Hall. It also features some popular actors including Samuel L Jackson and Morgan Freeman. There are some celebrities that feature such as Davido a Nigerian musician who brings in the African part of the show and Trevor Noah too.

Wrapping it up…

Coming to America and Coming 2 America are a must sequel you should watch today. Do not miss them out! You can also stream it on Amazon Prime.

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