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Introduction of ZW$50 banknotes in Zimbabwe

Well, we do not know if this could be the road to 2008 during the bearers cheque times or what but the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has released a statement indicating the introduction of new ZW$50 notes. These new notes have been issued today on the 6th of July 2021 through Statutory Instrument 196 of […]

Zimbabwe COVID-19 deaths rise to 4 with 28 cases recorded

The Coronavirus deaths are on the rise with the death toll currently at 4. The total cases are now 28 cases with majority of the cases being reported are people coming back from the UK to Zimbabwe. The 4th death of COVID-19 was reported to be of a lady who was 82 years old and […]

Zimbabwe’s COVID-19 cases continue to rise: Now at 23 cases

Zimbabwe has confirmed 23 cases of COVID-19 today. Earlier today the cases were at 18 however they have increased with Bulawayo leading with 10 cases reported so far. The update came through the regular updates from the Ministry of Health and Child Care. The National Microbiology Reference Laboratory tested 28 new samples of the following […]

Government advises that schools will not open early

Cain Mathema, the Minister of Primary and Secondary education has dismissed the circulating rumors of schools opening on 28 April 2020. Minister Mathema cited a story on an online publication saying schools will reopen early after their premature closure over the COVID-19 pandemic. We are in the midst of fighting the pandemic so why should […]

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