Things to do to boost your self-confidence

Things to do to boost your self-confidence

Want to become unstoppable, irresistible and fearless in all areas of your life? Brian Tracy, the master of self-enrichment in learning and teaching, advises us that if you continually think of thoughts of bravery and confidence and self-affirmation, you will slowly become bolder, braver and more self-assertive. It means, in other words, that everyone becomes what they think and we’re all self-made.


The concept of self-confidence in one’s personal judgment, ability and power are commonly used as self-assurance. Studies have shown that it mainly focuses on one’s strengths rather than its weaknesses. By their behaviour, body language, how they speak and what they say, a person’s current level of self-confidence can be shown. Unfortunately, building self-confidence isn’t that easy and most people have very little confidence in themselves.

Psychologist Abraham Maslow said the human race narrative is the story of men and women “selling short.” The vast majority of people prefer to unfavourably equate themselves with those who instead focus on their own shortcomings and limitations. A great revelation about self-confidence, however, is that it is a mental attribute that can be learned by practice, consistently and slowly built up over time. The following are some of the tips to build confidence in yourself:

  1. Eliminate all negative thoughts

Be kind to yourself, as no one has ever changed by beating themselves. As Brian Tracy illustrated in his book The Power of Self-Confidence, so we are self-made so we become what we think. Don’t settle down! Reflect on your great skills and achievements and think about what you can do instead of thinking “I can’t”.

  • Know your stuff well

Being an expert on the subject builds confidence in yourself.

Knowledge is really power so take advantage of all the resources and incentives you need to improve your domain expertise. Read up on the latest studies and developments to enhance your understanding. Strengthening your skillset helps you get better at anything you do.

  • Challenge yourself and be curious

Being curious shows you are creative and keen on learning. Try something new that scares you, for example, telling your boss to hold the next client meeting if you haven’t led one yet. This will help you to emerge with greater confidence and empowerment than if you adhere to what you already know. Drag yourself out of your comfort zone and get yourself moved forward.

  • Focus on successes and celebrate your achievements

Creating self-confidence is hard if you grumble about what you’re not doing well. Remember and celebrate all the successful projects you’ve done-you deserve it! Recognizing those accomplishments and praising yourself will remind you how amazing you really are, and there is no greater boost to morale than a job well done.

In conclusion, confidence is not only necessary for success but also for feeling happy and satisfied. Make sure you start building your self-confidence and accept it to make sure you won’t be held back. Inject some positivity into every aspect of your life and you may falsify it until you do!


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