Why you must watch the movie “Contagion” during this Coronavirus Pandemic

Why you must watch the movie "Contagion" during this Coronavirus Pandemic

As “Contagion” came out in 2011, it seemed like scary fantasy to have the notion that a virus could cripple the world. Today, this has become a reality with the Coronavirus pandemic. This is why you must watch this movie as it is similar to Coronavirus pandemic that spreads all over the world, indiscriminately killing people, causing governments to lock up their countries, quarantine infected citizens and encouraging social distancing.


Contagion was the toast of this week’s viewership on SABC 3 and it has been the most watched movie on Netflix recently. This movie mirrors exactly what is currently going on with COVID-19 in the world. Get a glimpse of the movie by watching the trailer below:

When the movie first aired in 2011, it did not have good test screening scores. However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it suddenly got a second life.


The movie director Steven Soderbergh and the screen writer Scott Z were inspired by a 2006 TedTalk by Dr. Larry Brilliant and they both wanted to make a story on what would really happen if a pandemic spread around the globe rather than having zombies like all the other Hollywood disaster movies turn into.


The movie stars Matt Damon, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, Laurence Fishburne, Kate Winslet and Marion Cotillard, was directed by Steven Soderbergh. In the movie, there is a virus called MEV-1 that originated from a pig that ate a piece of banana dropped by an infected bat that escaped the destruction of its Chinese palm tree habitat.

The movie that was just a fictional portrayal of what would happen if the planet had a global pandemic hit them in 2011 stopped being a movie nine years later because it has now become a documentary for those who are trying to understand what COVID-19 is about.


Now the Coronavirus has struck and now “Contagion” has not seemed like a movie of horror or tragedy, but instead a documentary. All in the movie was a reflection of what was on the television.

The two viruses were originally from China – MEV-1 and COVID-19. “Social distancing” — a term used in the movie — became an everyday expression. And all you want to do by the end of the show, is wash your face.

When the Coronavirus began spreading in January, the movie title went up on Google Trends. By March, Warner Bros. revealed that “Contagion” was just behind the “Harry Potter” franchise as the most in-demand title to be seen digitally in its catalog (it was the 270th most successful studio in December 2019).

The main actor and actress of the movie, Matt Damon and Kate Winslet recently did a video on the safety PSA of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Watch the video below:

You can get the movie below clicking on the image below:

Even though this movie didn’t get much traction when it was first released, it is now the most popular movie being watched in 2020. We can safely say that the creators of this movie accomplished their mission by eventually scaring people into learning something. If you haven’t watched it please do so now and stay safe. Remember social distancing and washing your hands are key as you stay at home!


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